Diamond CBD Releases New Campaign “I Am CBD, I Am THC Campaign”

The usage of cannabidiol better known by the acronym CBD is becoming a huge phenomenon and a legal alternative to marijuana. Allowing cbd for sale in the United States has caused a massive increase in people wanting to try it out. As we witness the growing acceptance of marijuana across the United States, with a total of 10 states legalizing it for recreational purposes and 33 states for medical usage we are left to believe that there is a definite significance for us wanting to be a part of this craze. There are many who are still confused about what CBD is and what it’s all about, for those of you who aren’t sure there is help out there to find the information you need, a good place to start is a cbd blog, they have the ability to explain the important parts of what you need to know. Most importantly why CBD is the best alternative and the difference between it and THC.