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Diamond CBD Releases New Campaign “I Am CBD, I Am THC Campaign”

The usage of cannabidiol better known by the acronym CBD is becoming a huge phenomenon and a legal alternative to marijuana. Allowing cbd for sale in the United States has caused a massive increase in people wanting to try it out. As we witness the growing acceptance of marijuana across the United States, with a total of 10 states legalizing it for recreational purposes and 33 states for medical usage we are left to believe that there is a definite significance for us wanting to be a part of this craze. There are many who are still confused about what CBD is and what it’s all about, for those of you who aren’t sure there is help out there to find the information you need, a good place to start is a cbd blog, they have the ability to explain the important parts of what you need to know. Most importantly why CBD is the best alternative and the difference between it and THC.

CBD Oil:

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and causes the sensation of getting high that’s often associated with marijuana. However, unlike THC, CBD has the opposite effect. Which gives this alternative the mass appeal and credence for those who are in search of relief and other types of healing without the psychosis trip. You can see why CBD is an excellent option for people seeking the benefits of cannabis products without breaking the law.

The commonly used version of CBD are oils. CBD Oils is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. This form of CBD makes for a more practical and accessible daily for individuals. Some studies suggest that applying these oils can relieve joint pains, could reduce anxiety and depression. CBD oil has even been used to safely treat insomnia and anxiety in children. If this is something that interests you then you might be interested in, then you could easily buy cbd online if you wanted. If you are a beauty enthusiast and or suffer from skin breakouts and acne, a study has shown that CBD oils can assist with acne treatment, due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. Other research has shown positive outcomes for those who use CBD for substance abuse or to curve cigarettes cravings by modifying circuits in the brain related to addition. There, of course, are tons of ongoing studies for potential treatments and behaviors. We will surely see an increasing list for CBD usage in the near future.

I am CBD, I am THC campaign:

Diamond CBD is an online site dedicated to educating and bringing awareness to the advantages of CBD and expelling the myths associated with it in relations to THC. They have recently launched the “I am CBD, I am THC campaign” video series campaign. The national CBD educational campaign addresses the confusion surrounding CBD with a “What Is CBD” guide and a humorous video series exploring the facts and myths about CBD and THC. This humorous and very informative 8 video series was created mimicking the early 2000s commercials for the Mac computers. Diamond CBD spoofs the iconic “Get A Mac” ad campaign in this series of online videos designed to educate the public on how CBD and THC are different. The videos entitled “I am CBD, I am THC” address topics from the benefits of CBD and THC, to how people obtain these products, their uses and a lot of interesting tidbits surrounding the cultures of both CBD and marijuana. The videos also address legal topics concerning CBD, side effects, common misconceptions and so much more. All in a humorous tone that spoofs the classic “Get a Mac” ad campaign developed for Apple Inc. in the late 2000s. In an homage to those ads, the “I am THC, I am CBD” campaign sees two actors take on the personas of THC and CBD, with brief but humorous exchanges that educate and inform the audience about the differences between CBD and THC. The campaign pokes fun of some of the popular misconceptions surrounding CBD and THC while educating the audience and providing for a few laughs.

CBD Education Center:

If you are considering embarking on CBD journey rather it be for medical or holistic intentions, then it’s suggested that you become knowledgeable about its proper and scientific benefits. By visiting the What is CBD Guide created by Diamond CBD you can become well versed in CBD products, the history of CBD, the science, benefits, and so much more. This online database will serve as your real-time journal for daily developments and new discoveries on everything CBD. The information provided is simple and broken down to fit any novice level of understanding of this product.

During one study, 10 healthy male participants took just one 600 mg dose of CBD oil. Their resting blood pressure went down successfully. These same men were then put on stress tests. These tests were specifically designed to raise blood pressure. After taking the same dose of CBD, the men yielded positive results. Their blood pressure was lower than it normally would be in these stressful situations. Most scientists agreed that CBD lowers blood pressure because of its ability to help reduce anxiety and stress.

While testing cannabidiol, scientists discovered that it could help prevent heart disease. During several animal studies, CBD successfully lowered inflammation, as well as cell death. In one particular study, researchers used CBD treatment on diabetic mice. They discovered that it helped decrease oxidative stress, which could lead to heart damage.

Scientists have tested CBD to see how it reacts to many diseases and conditions. As you’ve seen, most of the testing was done on heart disease, cancer, anxiety, depression, MS, and acne. But CBD had positive results with other, “minor” diseases as well.

For example, CBD oil could help reduce certain psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia. Several studies concluded that using CBD has positive effects on people who have schizophrenia and similar disorders.

A couple of studies dealt with drug and substance abuse. From them, we’ve learned that if you use CBD, you can decrease your drug-seeking behavior and be less dependent. CBD has a notable effect on the brain circuits responsible for addiction. Once it alters your circuitry, you’ll have less desire to depend on any substance.

One more area where CBD had positive results in tumor research. A few studies were done involving animals to check for anti-tumor properties of CBD. The results were promising. CBD might help prevent the spreading of various cancers. These include breast, brain, colon, prostate, and lung cancer.

One more condition CBD can help with is diabetes. During an animal study, scientists gave diabetic mice CBD treatments. These treatments lowered the animals’ diabetes incidence by as much as 56%. More than half! Not to mention that CBD also lowered diabetic inflammation.

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