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“Days Of Our Lives” Star Lamon Archey Talks Working On Soap Operas, Tattoos, and Black Fatherhood

Lamon Archey isn’t new to the TV drama world. Best known for his role as Mason Wilder on The Young and the Restless, Archey found his love for acting after working as a carpenter and then a model. Now playing FBI Agent Eli Grant on Days of our lives, there is no slowing this body art enthusiast down! Check out our interview where he talks working on soap operas, his love for tattoos and the importance of black fatherhood!

When did you realize that you wanted to be an actor?

I don’t think there was ever a specific moment. I believe it happened over time. After each job I did as an actor, my love for the business grew until I knew there wasn’t anything else I wanted to do.

I’ve read that you said getting into Hollywood is half the battle, what do you mean by this?

Well, one or two jobs in Hollywood whether it be in front of the camera or behind the camera won’t solidify a career. You have to be somewhat consistent. So you can come to Hollywood and book a job as an actor but the goal is to be a working actor with a consistent job or be in a position where you make enough money from one job to last you until you book the next one. That is where it gets tough. You have to have be persistent, have patience, and work hard at your craft! I’ve seen many people give up because things didn’t happen fast enough. I almost gave up myself. So like I said, getting into Hollywood is half the battle.

Many people say that Soap Opera’s prepare you for Film. Do you believe that? If so, why?

I believe they can prepare you for film or primetime TV. Soaps move at a very fast pace which causes the actors to go through a plethora of different circumstances and events as the characters they portray. I think they also make you much more comfortable in front of the camera and you definitely learn to memorize lines quickly. I always thought of soap operas like paid acting classes for people who were brand new to acting. It’s definitely the place to learn and perfect your craft.

You love Tattoos. Where did your love for body art come from?

Tattoos were always looked down upon in my home as a kid and in my rebellion stage I wanted to get one. One day when I was 16 or 17 years old I burned a cross into my arm because I wasn’t old enough to get a tattoo. That started my love for tattoos. I think I’m about done though. Even though I have said that before.

Be prepared and know your lines! Like I said everything moves fast and you don’t wanna be the one slowing production down. Time is money!

How do you feel about diversity in the industry? Do you think we are heading in the right direction?

I think it’s most definitely needed all across the board. I‘m not sure if we are headed in the right direction or not as a whole just yet. Often we get glimpses of change but they don’t last long. I’m optimistic that things will change and one day our conversations will be more like “remember when there wasn’t much diversity in the industry?” For now we just have to keep up the good fight and push forward and continue to break down walls and barriers.

How do you handle a work life balance?

Honestly, I have no idea! Everyday is different and everyday I’m a different kind of tired. I honestly take it day by day and deal with what life throws at me one obstacle at a time.

You have 3 children. Why do you think it‘s important for Black fatherhood to be shown?

I think African American fathers have a bad rep in general. So it’s important to show the youth that there are millions of men who go above and beyond for there kids. We have to lead by example and if we want the youth to change the stigma and stereotype around absent black fathers we have to start now and work harder than our ancestors.

What does a Quintessential Gentleman mean to you?

A man who carries himself with class and treats others with respect and kindness.

What can we look forward to from Lamon Archey?

Well you can tune into Days Of Our Lives Monday-Friday at 1pm pst.

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