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NBA’s David Stern Remains in Serious Condition

A trailblazer for the NBA is fighting the good fight.

David Stern is still in serious condition following emergency brain surgery, according to NBC Chicago.

The NBA said on Tuesday the former NBA Commissioner, though, is surrounded with loved ones despite his condition. Still, the NBA said the league and Stern’s family is very appreciative of the support.

Last Thursday, the former league head honcho suffered a brain hemorrhage while having lunch in New York City.

Stern for 30 years was the NBA’s commissioner but remained affiliated with the league, even having the title of commissioner emeritus.

A true trendsetter of the league, Stern was the Commissioner beginning in 1984 during the height of the Showtime era for the Los Angeles Lakers and for Michael Jordan’s dominant teams in the 90s.

He is instrumental for the globalization of the brand and is also known for his no-nonsense policy for players.

Written by Robert Magobet


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