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Dating in the Silver Age: “Ready to Love”

Own‘s new dating show, Ready to Love will shake up the world of reality TV as we know it. This fresh, engaging perspective offers a unique spin on the standard romantic shows audiences have come to expect. The show explores dating dynamics through a sophisticated lens. The mature nature should set the show apart from the predictable romantic dramas. The male viewpoint is a crucial factor. However, there are aspects which should attract viewers of both genders.

The appeal is mostly based on the specific age demographic and the thriving African American participants seeking genuine companionship. All cards are on the table as these elite singles prepare to find love. From a cultural viewpoint, it’s pleasing to be immersed in the lives of such affluent go-getters. It offers hope of a different kind in our current, chaotic racial climate. Any positive representation is sincerely welcome. Keeping all elements in perspective, this seems like a great, new show.

Ready to Love is scheduled to premiere on October 23rd and 27th at 10:00 pm. It’s brought to us by the creative talents of Will Packer Media and Lighthearted Entertainment. The renowned Thomas Miles will be hosting this promising outlook on African American dating. Check out the trailer below.

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