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Darius Brown Changes Lives With Every Page Turned

Motivational speaking isn’t just about swaying the crowd. The job entails making a difference. In his book Forgive Me, Success: Life Guide 101, out now, Darius Brown opened up about his love for changing people’s lives not by force, but through his words. Darius’ main passion is “multitasking and helping people discover their gifts.” Through this, he made the decision to become a motivational speaker. Darius sat with QG to reflect on his past and how he became a speaker who is currently inspiring people to change their lives.

Darius was born and raised in many different places but eventually found his home in Jersey City, NJ. He mentioned that “everyone is given the ability to communicate, and everyone can perfect the art of connection.” From his early years, Darius has always put meaning behind his words. The transition from being a local rapper to nationwide speaker is almost parallel, but Darius didn’t see it that way. He felt as though his message wasn’t getting through to enough people. That drive is what led him on his journey to becoming a keynote speaker.

Prior to attending any speaking engagement, he has to identify how he’s going to connect with his audience. His first speaking engagement was at a halfway house in Newark, New Jersey, Where his father was once a resident. Brown spoke to men of all colors, communities, and religions in one place. In his own way, he spoke to men about purpose and about helping them craft their vision. Darius connected his father struggles with what these men might have endured in their own life. According to Darius, this experience was one of his greatest in his career. It stands out from others because he recalls seeing men in tears, and upon receiving a standing ovation, the warden invited him back to speak at the facility again.

While revisiting Newark with his father, one of the men from the halfway house recognized Darius and told him that because of his seminar, he began a career in construction. The man then told him that he has since been able to provide for his family. Even if he reaches out to one person out of 150 people, he achieved his purpose.

Photo Credit (Darius Brown)

Inspiring the people around him was Brown’s main intention when writing the book Forgive Me, Success: Life Guide 101. He wrote the bulk of the book while in Tallahassee, Florida. The motivation behind writing it was reach out to people who were questioning their own purpose. In the beginning stages of writing his book, a physical toll was taken on Brown. He had many restless night trying to perfect his methods at being a keynote speaker. As a college dropout, Darius wanted to inspire everyone to live out their dreams rather than their parents’ dreams. Darius opened up about the stress he endured, but he vividly remembered staying up until 6 in the morning on Facebook promoting himself and providing outreach. That same morning, one of his two mentors ran into him and asked him why he was up so late. At that point, he explained the overlying problem of not being able to reach everyone. One simply replied, “Write a book! That, way you can reach out one person at a time, and you don’t have to be around, Almost like you’re putting your message on autopilot.” Out of all the books he sold, to his surprise the first copy was sold in Johannesburg, South Africa. His reach was then realized and solidified.

Darius hinted at his newest initiative “Game of Goals.” He is currently in the process of developing an online course. The online courses will discuss the “Game of Goals” a step by step method to help people can execute their goals with clarity and less anxiety. Said anxiety stops people from pursuing their heart driven goals.

Photo Credit (Darius Brown)

Darius Brown is becoming a master at bringing out the fullest potential of whomever he speaks to. He is a magnificent motivational speaker, but says anyone with a good message can be a good motivational speaker. He says any sort of public speaking requires training and recommends trying Ginger Public Speakings motivational speaker courses should you be interested in working on your skills.

Darius’ next speaking engagement will take place on April 25 at oAK Atlanta, where he will detail the story of “Game of Goals,” and his book Forgive me Success: Life Guide 101. Be on the lookout!


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