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Darian Cartharn And The “XXVth Hour” Movement

Photo Credit: Rose DeVore

Photo Credit: Rose DeVore

Darian Cartharn is a six foot tall explosive, strong, and extremely fast point guard. Tremendously resilient and powerful for his size, this player is a nightmare on the open court. With a playing style that is exemplified with both confidence and aggression, Cartharn has a unique way to break his man down. The Quintessential Gentleman spoke with Cartharn about Basketball, his motivation and his new clothing line.

QG: Did you grow up knowing that you wanted to play basketball?

DC: Funny thing is, I actually grew up with the knowing I would be “A” professional athlete one way or another. I don’t know why, but I just always felt I would be a Pro no matter what. I always prayed to play either in the NFL or the NBA. So now being a professional basketball player, it’s just a dream come true and a goal reached.

QG: How did you adapt your style of play?

DC: Just by being in the gym consistently. My trainer Anthony Rhodman taught me so much about the game of basketball. We spent hours upon hours creating my game. Working out 3 times a day, watching film, and just talking about the overall history of basketball. Additionally, my game is based off of my attitude and upbringing. I’m from Columbus, Ohio; which to me is an overlooked city when it comes to sports. I too have been an overlooked player, so I carry that chip on my shoulder into every workout, game, city or country that I play in.

QG: Is your fashion style inspired by anybody in the NBA?

DC: Definitely! I’ve had a few inspirations over the years. Rather it’s from former players or current players that aren’t really household names. Growing up, Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury inspired me with their style. A.I. was everything to me when it came to on Court style, because he wasn’t afraid to be himself- even when it went against the status quo. Stephon meant a lot to me when he came out with his Starbury Line in Steven Barry’s and sold his shoes for only $15. That taught me a lot about branding and ownership. It showed his forward thinking when it came to fashion by creating and owning an affordable line. Currently, I’d have to say my NBA fashion inspiration is Chris Douglas Roberts. CDR is dope to me and his DCTG brand/movement is very inspiring to me as well. In my opinion, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves in the media for his contribution. Nonetheless, he’s very versatile and creates waves before others catch on.

QG: Your scouting report suggests you are similar to Russell Westbrook or Tim Hardaway, who do you most like to compare yourself too?

DC: If anyone. I’m not really sure, but I really like Tim Hardaway Sr. and Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics. I’ve studied those guys so much since high school. After I sat down and studied their game, I can see the similarities. Strong 6 foot guards that can shoot, score 1-on-1, and run a team. As far as Westbrook, I think the main, (and maybe the only) comparison is that we both have a similar demeanor. Tough and aggressive competitors that do not take no for an answer. But, I’m honored that someone actually thinks to compare me to either of those guys. They are ALL TIME great players and it would be a blessing to just play anywhere near their level.

QG: What have you done to study the game?

DC: I live on YouTube! Rather it’s studying workouts, interviews of my favorite players, or just studying their game, I’m always working my mind one way or another.

QG: Besides winning championships, what are your personal basketball goals?

DC: I just want to reach the highest level that I can and to both maintain and continually exceed that level for 10-15 years professionally. Furthermore, I want to be an All-League player wherever I go and help improve each organization I touch.

QG: If you weren’t playing basketball what would you be doing?

DC: If I wasn’t playing basketball I’d be playing professional football.

QG: Who was an influence when you were growing up?

DC: At one time, Sebastian Telfair was my biggest basketball influence growing up. When ESPN dropped the “Through the Fire” documentary it changed my whole mindset and life. The day that came out is the day I decided I would play professional basketball and make it a career. It was the first time I saw what basketball could do for me and my family. Telfair was a 6-foot guard who wasn’t the fastest, strongest, smartest, or best shooter- but he made it! It gave me confidence, and his work ethic influenced me to do the same. Other than him, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Kobe Bryant, and Nipsey Hussle have had the biggest influences on me to this day- they’re GOATs to me.

QG: What is it about your style that makes you have swag?

DC: I’d just have to say it’s all about confidence and making the most of what “I” have. There can only be one you, and nobody is better at being that than yourself. It’s more visceral than anything. I just go by what feels right and am confident in it. I believe that if you carry a certain energy, it will attract people to you and they will feel your confidence and swag at the same time. It’s not always on you, it’s in you.

QG: Do you have any businesses outside of NBA or entrepreneur dreams?

DC: For sure! I’m currently working on establishing my own brand and movement: “XXVth Hour” (25th Hour). It’s a clothing line in addition to a movement that is about faith, motivation, and never quitting; taking your life into your hands and controlling your own destiny. I believe that all of our dreams and goals are placed in our minds for a reason, but it’s up to us to go and get it, no matter how far fetched it may seem. “Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded”.

QG: What would you tell a young gentleman who is interested in playing pro ball?

DC: Young man, follow your gut and bet on yourself. Put in the work, find a way, and create genuine relationships along the journey, because you never know who will be instrumental on your path to success in life. So many people will tell you that you can’t make it, and try to plant seeds of doubt into your mind based off of what their eyes tell them at that moment. However, be patient, have faith in yourself and what God will do for you. Always remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Make sure you follow him on Twitter & Instagram @MarathonFaith


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