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Dapper Dan collaborates with Gucci

We’ve all seen the popular photo of Olympian, Diane Dixon floating around social media. She was wearing a fur coat with puffy sleeves that was custom made using pirated designer materials, well in this case the classic Louis Vuitton momogram. This creation and so many like it was designed by Daniel Day, who most people know as Dapper Dan. Dan was very popular in the 80s and 90s where he custom made pieces for the fashion forward in his Harlem shop. His business would eventually close due to lawsuits by luxury brands. Well now its a new day and Gucci is using his designs as inspiration.

Via High Snobiety

The partnership comes shortly after the Italian fashion house was accused of copying one of Dapper Dan’s designs for Olympian Diane Dixon—a puffy-shouldered fur bomber originally emblazoned with Louis Vuitton monograms. In response, Creative Director Alessandro Michele clarified that it wasn’t a copy, but rather an homage to the tailor’s work.

Dapper Dan—born Daniel Day—took the jacket as homage initially, telling the NYT: “I was just excited about it being there. The part about appropriation, Alessandro and I are part of two parallel universes. The magic that took place as a result of what he did was bringing these two parallel universes together. That opened a dialogue between us when we finally got in touch with each other. I found out how similar our experiences were, the way he grew up and the way I grew up, and how he was influenced by me. I was never apprehensive about what took place. The public was more up in arms than me.”

The new Dapper Dan tailor shop—which will be powered by Gucci—is set to open at the end of this year. His collaborative capsule collection with the house, including a campaign shot in Harlem and featuring him prominently, will debut next spring.

How’s that for turning the tables? This summer at Made in America we saw Beyonce sporting Gucci’s Dapper Dan inspired coat. We cant wait to see what menswear looks will come out of this collaboration. You know we will be the first to let our readers know what men’s fashion will be birthed from this new partnership. Check below for pics of Dapper Dan’s throwback designs and Gucci’s take on the Dapper Dan coat.


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