=SPACE: The Coworking Space Created For Multicultural and LGBTQA Founders

With the ability to monetize your social media channels and the constant development of technology, the number of entrepreneurs continues to grow especially among millennials and generation z. With this growth, minorities are leading the pack and are now looking for spaces for them to create, build and network! They may not ready for an entire office space to themselves (especially in the New York area) but still need a place where they can work and have meetings. While there are coworking spaces that are available to everyone, often business owners of color/LGBTQA feel out of place. Seeing the need for designing a space where multicultural, LGBTQA, and women-owned startups could work and build a community within, Medina created =SPACE. We had the opportunity to speak with Medina about =SPACE, which not only provides resources for underserved, high-growth, minority entrepreneur businesses but supports causes on both a local and national level.

What was the inspiration behind starting a coworking space?

=SPACE was born from the pain point of seeing multicultural founders turned away from access to capital and resources to further their startup and business ventures; none more than women of color. That did not sit right with me or my cofounders. We had experienced so many obstacles being founders of color for our first company MEDINA =CITI, many of which could have been the end of our company had we not been resourceful and put in three times the sweat equity to make it a successful 11-year-old agency.

With =SPACE, we’ve built what we feel is necessary: a space that believes in your capacity to build greatness, that affirms your cultural identity with your business aspirations, curates an ecosystem of resources, encourages forward movement and a celebration of your winning. We make sure to create a reflection of our community because to aspire, you need to be amongst other hard-working and dedicated individuals as you are. It’s more than seats and coffee (which we have) it is about having a tribe.

How important is the coworking space to the community?

We find ourselves at a nexus point between community and business. We’ve become one of the first organizations that our not-for-profit partners reach out to for hosting summits with discussions on everything from Toxic Masculinity to Google Livestreaming or even how to prepare your business for the holiday season. We have a digital classroom where other skills are acquired, like how to get certified as a business and HTML coding intensives, to full out yoga sessions. We are a multifaceted entity.