“Courting Kings” – Should Be Added to Your Book List

Last week, renowned accessories designer, Remo Tulliani, released his motivational and inspiring book titled Courting Kings. This book includes essays from 20 men who speak about their respective industries and their rise to greatness. Some of the storytellers include Muhammid Ali, Kurt Warner, Scott Norris, Mike Batlin and more. With each story, you will learn how Remo was introduced to these great men. The excerpts tell a story of how these men almost gave up and how they prevailed.

When starting the book you learn who Remo Tulliani is. This fashion accessories designer didn’t always have everything together and his younger years were no depiction of the success he would have as an adult. Actually, in his book, he states “I was called everything you can imagine in school”. Those friendless days are way behind Remo, as he has befriended some of the most successful people in the world.