Could we be more than Best friends?

Question: Hello Leonardo. I am writing you because I am a man that wants to be more than a friend to one of my best friends. We have know each other for six years and we have always clicked from the beginning. We love doing all the same things. We agree about almost every issue. We always have the best time laughing when we are together, and nothing is ever stressful or forced when she is around.

On several occasions she has mentioned that she thinks that I’m an amazing guy, and that any girl would be lucky to have me. She even mentioned that she thinks that I’m going to make an amazing dad some day. Over the years she’s come to me about all her “boy problems” and I have helped her through them. During those times I would ask her what she is looking for in a man, and what she describes is everything I am currently. I’ve honestly been attracted to her from the first time I saw her as well! I’d love to be in a relationship with her, but I don’t want to risk losing her friendship if she doesn’t feel the same. How would you advise I approach this situation?

Cavalli’s Advice: Hello, and thank you for writing in. I think it’s great that you could see your best friend as more than just a friend because the majority of the most successful marriages I know of started off as being great friends first. I believe that it is vital to have a strong friendship as a foundation for any long-lasting relationship.