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“Copwatch” Exclusive Sneak Preview

Copwatch is a true story of WeCopwatch, an organization whose mission is to film police activity as a non-violent form of protest and deterrent to police brutality. Directed by Camilla Hall, the Copwatch documentary profiles several WeCopwatch members revealing how their mission to film police activity and brutality has impacted their own lives. Copwatch is not about what happened in front of the cameras, but it’s about those who stood behind them. It’s about a sense brotherhood that developed through the shared trauma of standing up to police brutality.

The documentary profiles several WeCopwatch members including: Jacob Crawford (co-founder) who has spent more than 15 years with a camera in his hand documenting police activity; David Whitt (co-founder) a young father who lived in Ferguson and started filming after Michael Brown’s “Hands Up” shooting; Ramsey Orta who captured Eric Garner’s final words “I Can’t Breathe” on his cell phone; and Kevin Moore who captured Freddie Gray fatal arrest. Like Ramsey who is currently incarcerated, Kevin became a target for making his voice heard and was arrested shortly after he filmed the video while attending a protest.


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