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Colin Kaepernick Vs. the Two-Faced NFL

There are few things in the world as hypocritical as the NFL. In a game dominated by Quarterbacks, where a team without a competent player at the position might as well wave the playoffs goodbye. One would think teams would be interested in a QB that has led his team not only to the playoffs but to the SuperBowl. Which brings us to the Colin Kaepernick quandary, does his play as of late give teams an excuse not to sign him?

Yes, it is accurate that Kaepernick hasn’t been the same since his best season in 2013. However, he at least has an excuse, Ownership. Even after a season where they came within plays of winning the SuperBowl, the relationship between Owner Jed York and head coach Jim Harbaugh frayed so far that they had unreconcilable differences. Something that York says to regret today, but at the time he let his displeasure with Harbaugh be known, and it affected the entire organization.

Harbaugh’s departure gave way to even more uncertainty through its Head Coach. Two doomed seasons that lead to Kaepernick losing faith in himself and the organization.

Teams reportedly have been “interested” in the 29-year-old but time and time again take a pass. It seems teams are willing to take a pass on a guy who’s had two underwhelming seasons but a longer history of success. You’d think teams who supposedly want to win would be interested in a player who’s won in the playoffs.

Of the 32 teams that play in the National Football league, only Nine have a Quarterback that has been to the SuperBowl. If a team were to sign Kaepernick that would give us an even 10. Meaning there would be at least 22 other QB’s to have never made it the big show. One of the players on the other end of that is Jay Cutler.

Who has a career record of 68-71 and is 1-1 in the in one season he and the Bears made it to the playoffs. Before Cutler signed with the Dolphins a lot was made of his relationship with Head Coach Adam Gase, with reports of Gase sighting their previous work together as something they can build upon.


Well for starters, he is referring to is the one year Gase spent as Offensive Coordinator in Chicago. A year where the Bears went 6-10, 1-7 at home and last in their division. Albeit an improvement from the year prior where they put up a measly 5-11 record. With that in mind, when was the last time Cutler finished a season with a winning record?

Time 100

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The Answer: 5 seasons ago in 2012 when he scraped together a 10-5 record and missed the playoffs. In his 11 seasons, Cutler has shown to be the most underwhelming and overhyped QB of the modern era. His consistent ability to have a lack luster/aura of never giving a shit attitude has created tension between him and teammates. One of note would be Brandon Marshall, now of the New Jersey New York Giants. After going 10-6 last year and an unfortunate first round exit what is Maimi’s goal if not to make the playoffs. At 34 and not only coming off a Labrum injury but out of retirement, the tank may be empty on Cutler already. He hasn’t played in a full season of action since 2009, and that streak will likely not end this year.

With the Dolphins seemingly in such a rush to get a replacement for Tannehill, who else did they look at you might ask. Well, ESPN reported that the Dolphins had three other QB’s in mind after Cutler: Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, and Kyle Orton.

The Inclusion of Tebow (now pursuing a career in professional baseball) must be a joke if Miami has any interest in winning. For the obvious local connection Tebow makes sense, but after years of jumping rosters looking for a life preserver, the word is out on Tebow 3:16. Kyle Orton’s nickname is “Uncle Rico,” and that explains enough.


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Joe Flacco, what every your thoughts on the 2nd most memeable NFL player besides Eli Manning, he is essential to the Ravens competing in the playoffs, making his preseason injury a major concern. The seriousness of his injury has certainly been debatable, but it hasn’t stopped them from looking into other options. Should he miss a considerable amount of time, Kaepernick was one of the options discussed as a possible filler for the time being.

Since then the majority of the connection between Kaepernick and Baltimore has been distant. Reports that fans had been expressing their opposition to bringing in Kaepernick. The team has been quiet ever since with their unofficial position being they’re afraid of upsetting fans.

Since when did any team in the NFL care about upsetting fans their fans? Was it when the Ravens brought back Ray Rice? Was it when the Chargers tried to extort the City of San Diego for over a Billion dollars to fund a new Stadium? Did Jerry Jones care when he signed Greg Hardy?

Kaepernick hasn’t committed any crime, he hasn’t punched anyone, he wasn’t driving drunk. All he is guilty of silently protesting an injustice done upon innocent people in this very country. What happened to his message in the media and how it was interrupted does not fall on him. Yet, in the court of public opinion, the NFL has decided he is guilty.


Of being socially conscious in a country in denial about its real problems. When the action’s of one man kneeling during a song cause more controversy than what he’s kneeling for there is a fundamental problem with how issues are dealt with and living in ignorance and keeping the status quo has always been easier than creating change and for the NFL, change is terrifying. They keep a strangle hold on players voices with unguaranteed deals and the threat of the next man up.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell


Time and time again, organizations excuse the signings fans/media object is that if they can help the team win that’s all they care about.

  1. Arizona had a legitimate chance at making it to the Super Bowl a few seasons ago had they had a competent second or third string QB when Carson Palmer went down they might have stood a chance. After Palmer fell off a cliff (statistically) last season, one would think they’d be interested in providing some depth to the QB position just in case.

  2. Jacksonville has been watching Blake Bortles show an inability complete simple passes and run an offense not only in games but in practice. Reports of interceptions and over throws run rampant as the King of garbage time is consistently inconsistent. With a young offense and what turned into a solid defense the last ten games, an organization would try to seize the moment instead of watching another season with little progression from the QB position.

  3. Denver has one of the best defenses ever to take the field, however, if the offense can’t do anything with the ball than that’s a lot more pressure on a defense than any legitimate team should feel comfortable with. Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch have both disappointed so far this summer and if Denver wants to capitalize on their situation, then wouldn’t checking in on some other experienced QB’s make the most sense.

No matter what the word is, it cannot be proclaimed that the NFL’s issue with Kaepernick is his play when these are his competitors.

The Idea that a team is concerned with Kaepernick starting is one thing. When he is passed over for back up roles by teams like the BuccaneersBears, and Jets who might finish the season with fewer wins than Kaepernick last year, what exactly are those teams passing on? He’s a 29-year-old QB who’s won before and yet he has been passed over by older and less accomplished players consistently since the collapse of the SanFran regime.

If Kaepernick can’t even get a role as a backup, it’s not because he can’t play. NFL owners won’t do anything they don’t feel like doing, and apparently, a player kneeling during a song the owners are getting paid to have their players out there for is a disqualifier then there isn’t a problem with the candidate, there’s something wrong with those in charge of the system.

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