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The Gentleman’s Ride: Modern Day Versions Of Classic Cars For Style And Sophistication

Idris Elba’s passion for driving is well known. As well as hosting the BBC series, Idris Elba: King of Speed, he has bolstered his image as a man of style and sophistication through his choice of cars, which have included a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black and a Bentley Continental GT. A man’s car is an extension of his image and indicates his taste and ambition, and nothing says style like a classic car. With that in mind, here are three classic rides for the modern gentleman.

Aston Martin DB5 For James Bond Style

The Aston Martin DB5 is often said to be the most famous car in the world, thanks to James Bond’s gadget-filled version in Goldfinger. It’s instantly recognizable by its chrome finish, smooth panels and iconic grille. The engine capacity of the DB4 was expanded to 4 liters, but the new model retains many of the traits of its previous incarnation. The addition of a synchromesh ZF 5 speed gearbox and Girling disc brakes take the DB5 to the next level, along with electric windows. There is also a convertible model, which has an optional steel hardtop. If an Aston Martin DB5 is to take pride of place in your garage, be sure to read up on care and maintenance techniques to keep its style and elegance in top shape.

Porsche 911 For The Modern Man

California-based manufacturers Singer has rebuilt the classic Porsche 911 to update it for the modern driver. The new model has revamped parts and interiors to allow the style you expect from a classic 911 with modern reliability. The upgrade has power steering, sleek leather seats and a flat-six engine. The weight distribution is improved, and the motor, which was developed by Porsche and Williams, has titanium valves and fuel injectors inspired by Formula 1 engines. The interior features carbon fiber panels and custom leather trim for a stylish and comfortable ride. You’ll want to read up on leather maintenance to keep the sleek interior in peak condition.

Jaguar E-Type For 60s Sophistication

Enzo Ferrari is often quoted describing the Jaguar E-type as the ‘The most beautiful car ever made.’ The Jaguar E-type Reborn program sees the Series 1 models restored to the original specifications of the 60s when they defined their generation and were favored by celebrities from rock stars to supermodels. At the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works headquarters in Britain, Jaguar works to combine modern technology with the traditional techniques and craftsmanship associated with the original model, restoring some of the most iconic Jaguars ever built. An all-electric Jaguar E-type is due for release this year, with a 295 hp capacity electric motor and a rechargeable 40 kWh lithium-ion battery, thrusting the iconic 60s ride into the modern world.

A classic car tells the world you’re a man of style and taste, and car manufacturers recognize this. This means there are constantly new developments to classic models to make them more than just an image statement, but a sensible driving choice in the modern world. Next time you’re thinking about your new ride, consider what it says about you, and channel a bit of Idris Elba sophistication into your garage.

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