Boxing Coach CJ Hammond Shares His 6 In-House Gym Essentials

Although states are starting to open up, it seems this new "freedom" may be short-lived as coronavirus cases start to increase in these states. Especially in states like New York, we will be "quarantining" for some time. We know gyms are closed but you don't want to come out of all of this out of shape so you really should be taking advantage of in house workouts.

CJ Hammond, a trainer and owner of sports performance gym Fit Legend, trains #2 NFL draft pick, Chase Young and the likes of Angela Simmons, Josh Smith, TI, Cam Newton, Rajon Rondo and more. Check out his essentials for your in-house gym below!

Resistance Bands

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"Whether it’s the mini bands that go around your knees, or the long bands used to create extra resistance during the lifts, these two bands are my go-tos. They're important for activating muscle groups before workouts. I use the long resistance bands on certain lifts to increase volume without adding load. They also provide a great way to recruit more muscles."