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Chris Porter Performs at the Barclays Center

Tuesday night, the Barclays Center was on fire for so many reasons! Not only did the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers go into double overtime, “The Water Dance” Rapper, Chris Porter, performed inside the Billboard Lounge after the game. After sitting courtside at the game with Tonio Skits, Mr. Porter rocked the stage. The energy that he generated in the room only added to the hype everyone was feeling after the Brooklyn Nets win.

Chris Porter

Chris Porter is seamlessly maneuvering through the rugged terrain we call the entertainment industry. Those who were in the building seemed to crave a kind of high produced by being in close proximity to him, his music, and his high energy performance.

Photo Credit: Paulo Salud

Photo Credit: Paulo Salud

Chris Porter is headed straight to the top with major cosigns from the NFL, the NBA, BET and even Pitbull who was featured on “The Water Dance”.

Before he hit the stage we spoke with him about his latest single “Catwalk Killer”, what success means to him and what it means to be a Quintessential Gentleman.

Check out the interview below.

Make sure you check out his performance on the Billboard Lounge Stage inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn below.

To get the latest on Chris Porter follow him on social media @ThisIsChrisPorter !


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