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Chef Donavan Launches The Weekender, A Gourmet Meal Delivery Service in NYC

You Set The Table. He’ll Send The Food.

For Harlem born chef, Donavan Woodley now was the perfect time to get creative in how he would be able to continue to do what he loves. Feeding people. Like many of us, he too has felt the burden of quarantine but instead, he decided to do something about it the best way he knew how cooking. “Food has always played a part in my life, whether through large gatherings or dinner at home,” Donavan explains. And although no large gatherings should be going on during the global pandemic known as coronavirus or what us intellectuals call it, COVID-19, we still do one thing, eat.

The Weekender was birthed by passion and a necessity that Woodley saw in the catering market. “It all began in my living room, hosting family dinner. Family brought friends and friends brought cell phones. Soon, I was getting calls requesting meals from strangers. As a full-time chef, I developed The Weekender, which is needed now more than ever,” Woodley says about his meal service concept. “My service is for those who still want access to restaurant-quality food, delivered straight to your doorstep,” he continues.

With a mission to provide original, delectable and fresh food, Donavan’s love for infusing worldwide flavors with southern comfort has been a hit on social media, often garnering rave reviews from his customers. New menu selections for the upcoming weekend drops every Wednesday, where you will see great dishes such as his caprese stuffed chicken with spring pea risotto or his jumbo shrimp with creole fettuccine alfredo and asparagus tips. The service also provides desserts and drinks… alcoholic drinks!

Reserve your meal slot, they sell out quickly.  Learn more about The Weekender.


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