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Check Out These Styling Tips to Get You in the Spring Spirit

Now that the weather has finally started to get warmer, it’s time to start making some changes to your wardrobe and grooming routine. You don’t need to break the bank to get a spring-ready style; there are plenty of simple and practical changes you can make that won’t cost you much. Chances are, you probably already own a lot of the items listed below. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re styling this spring:

Start with a Clean Cut Look


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A smooth, clean face looks fresh and youthful—perfect for spring. Establish good skin and hair care routines to make sure your skin and hair are in their best condition. You can stock up on skincare and hair care essentials here.

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Nothing spoils the well-shaven, clean-cut look more than pesky razor bumps, which are tiny red bumps caused by ingrown hairs and that closely resemble pimples. Use Frederick Benjamin’s clinically proven to be effective razor bump cream and get clear, smooth skin is as fast as 14 days.

Lighten Up

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Now is the time to shed all those heavy layers and to put away your thick wool sweaters, heavyweight jackets and coats, and flannel button-downs. Switch to lighter, breathable fabrics and break out your cotton long-sleeved shirts and t-shirts and your lightweight denim. It may be a little early to wear linen, but you can make it more weather-appropriate by layering it over a cotton t-shirt.

Brighten Up

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This doesn’t necessarily mean you should start wearing loud patterns or dazzling neon. There are plenty of ways you can brighten up your wardrobe’s color palette without looking like a walking neon sign. Simply switching from dark neutrals like black and rich browns to lighter ones like white, pale blue and grey can change your whole look and make it more spring-appropriate. Probably nothing says “spring” more than a pair of trusty white sneakers—your heavy black boots can stay in your closet until next winter.

If you aren’t afraid to add more color to your wardrobe, experiment with fresh, “springy” colors such as vibrant blues and greens, cheerful light yellow and maybe even some pastels. Introduce subtle patterns such as light-colored plaids, or go for colorful graphic t-shirts to add a splash of animation.

Freshen Up

Switch to a lighter scent for spring. A fragrance is a very powerful style tool and can greatly affect your mood, confidence and how you carry yourself. It has the ability to tickle the senses of those around you and evoke a wide range of feelings and impressions like deep mystery, dark sensuality or confident masculinity. For spring, choose a light, fresh, citrusy or woodsy scent—this will give off the impression of energy, youthfulness, and optimism.

As you can see, none of these tips are too complicated or will require you to spend hours shopping to overhaul your entire wardrobe. Basically, just think of what spring represents—fresh new beginnings—and model your style choices after that idea.

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