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Check Out “Life, Lived” with Steph Curry and INFINITI

Steph Curry’s Unanimous Media and INFINITI Motor have partnered up for a three-part YouTube series called “Life, Lived”. This web series gives us a look into Steph Curry’s life while shinning a light on creativity, comfort, and luxury, which are the three foundational values that INFINITI strives to bring its buyers on every purchase. The videos have been released weekly since July 18th on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Weibo accounts.

With two videos already out, it is evident to see that where Curry’s life and INFINITI meet is truly something special. In episode one, we get an intimate look into the NBA Superstars' life as he shares a car ride with his daughters Riley and Ryan. They sing along to “Hamilton” while in the basking in the comfort of the QX60 with great tasting ice cream. In episode two we get a behind the scenes look on the makings of the Curry 6 sneakers inspired by the QX50. Curry and shoe designer Mache Gamache sit in the trunk of the car and pour out their creative ideas into the design of the shoe. Mache, known for his unique hand-painted sneakers, has been custom designing since 2002. The main idea was to create a shoe that highlights the luxurious style of the QX50 and commends the physical design and shape of the shoe itself. The finished product consists of elevated materials with a distinct level of practicality to it.

Next week in episode 3, Steph Curry looks to trick friend Chris “COSeezy” Strachan, founder of the non-profit, Kick’n It For a Cause.

Check it out.


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