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10 Cheap Travel Hacks for Students

aveling is an amazing and unforgettable experience but, unfortunately, it costs money and it can be too expensive for a student’s pocket. If you think it’s not so easy to travel around the world during your breaks, you’re missing a lot! To change your mindset, the EssayShark team offers some affordable ways and hacks to prove that you can enjoy the trip and save money at the same time.

#1 Hostel Is Your Best Friend

Accommodation is one of the primary things to include in the planning of cheap traveling. Firstly, hostels refer to the cheapest place to stay in for several days or even weeks. Secondly, the hostel implies not only cheap accommodation but also several facilities. Thus, the majority of hostels have kitchens or offers affordable tour options and local advice. Thirdly, the hostel is a unique chance to find friends around the world or a company for hangouts. Therefore, hostels give a chance for the tourist to save money and spend a great time with comfort quite affordably.

#2 Search for Cheap Flights

Tracking the flight is the best way to make a profit while traveling. Put into action several tricks, and you will save money for future attractions. The first hack is to monitor flights frequently; several groups on Facebook share information about cheap flights. There are also specific apps that let you know about the best deals. Furthermore, some booking websites can track your searches and leave cookies. Then, the prices can increase when you are ready to buy tickets. Hence, we recommend using Incognito mode on your browser, and the airline websites won’t know about the previous history of searches. You can combine all these hacks to get the maximum profit of your flight.

#3 Change Your “Packing Habits”

Over-packing refers to frequent problems during traveling. Thus, tourists often take extra clothes that will be useless during the trip. Over-packing implies not only heavy luggage but also extra fees. The best way to avoid luggage fees is to pack light and right. It is possible to make a list of things that will be necessary during traveling. If to carry only essentials, you will feel free and comfortable with your luggage. Undoubtedly, packing light is also beneficial during multiple flights, as far as you will not pay extra fees.

#4 Don’t Hesitate to Use Public Transport

Public transport is the next useful way to save money. Use the metro, buses, and trains instead of an expensive taxi. It will probably take more time to go around by public transport, but you will save extra money for other attractions. Nevertheless, you will have a chance to enjoy the views or just have some rest while taking a bus, train, or tram. Besides, you can download several apps that provide excess to the timetable as well as help to find the most suitable route. You can also rent a bike: it is a cheap way to explore the city and have a lot of fun at the same time.

#5 Plan Your Budget Wisely

If you are going to travel cheaply, it is vital to plan everything, including your budget. First of all, you should create a budget to know exactly the limits. You can make a list of future spending to know what attractions are affordable for you. It is also important to keep track of the budget during the trip. If you have a limited budget, it is essential to track everything, including transportation, tours, food, accommodation, and so on. At first, it may look extreme and strange to track even minor spending, but you will be calm that your budget is under strict control.

#6 Travel Season Matters for Your Plans

It is also essential to consider the travel season while planning your trip. The matter is that peak season requires extra money to pay even in cheap countries. The time of the year affects the budget and provides an opportunity to save money. Wise travelers, who search for cheap and affordable opportunities, choose the low season to visit the desirable countries. Therefore, you will not only save money but also avoid queues of tourists near famous attractions.

#7 Search for Free Guided Tours

Free Guided Tours and activities are the things that certainly help to take advantage of traveling. You can search for various activities or tours with the help of Facebook. Besides, there are also platforms for the traveler that offer to join free tours near your destination. Undoubtedly, the Internet is useful in every sphere of life; it will also be helpful during your trip. You can simply google some free museums, exhibitions, or festivals, and become the part of any event. Hence, you will have an opportunity to spend time free and enjoy the atmosphere of local attractions.

#8 A Helping Hand from Locals

It is always a good idea to make friends with different people around the world. Communication is an integral part of everyday life that can help to make life easy and interesting. Getting acquainted with locals is a unique chance to learn something new and special about the city or country of your visit. What is more, locals can also provide useful suggestions about cheap alternatives and fascinating ways to spend your free time. Thus, interaction with local people can make your trip unforgettable and adventurous without paying a lot of money for expensive tourist attractions.

#9 Work and Travel

If you have a limited budget for travel, you can combine your trip and work. Several programs for students, such as Work and Travel, provide a unique chance to earn money and explore different countries at the same time. Moreover, such a program is an opportunity for the cultural exchange due to living in the atmosphere and realities of the visited country. It is also possible to get a long-termed international experience by working as a teacher of English overseas. For instance, such countries as South Korea or China are searching for native speakers students to teach English. Hence, working and traveling at the same time is a chance to earn money, get new experience, and feel the atmosphere of the country.

#10 Tourism Cards and Students IDs Can Make a Profit

Finally, student ID and tourism cards are useful things to get a discount while traveling to different countries. Special cards for tourists provide a unique opportunity to some bonuses, discounted prices, or even free transportation to some attractions. It is also possible to save some money with the help of student ID while booking accommodation or flight with the help of student-centered websites. Besides, students can get some special offers for transportation needs, while visiting museums or other attractions. Some cafes also provide special offers and discounts for students. Therefore, being a student is a good opportunity to save money while traveling.

You can try any of our hacks to make a profit of traveling. We hope that this information will be helpful for you to have a great time without paying extra money.