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Chakalate Factory Hosts Venus vs. Mars Relationship Panel

This past weekend LaChaka and Viondi Pate of The Chakalate Factory hosted the first The Venus vs Mars relationship panel which proved to be andevent out of this world with a collection of experts tackling the tough questions that everyone wants to know about our own relationships. The Panel opened with  selection by the lovely Naomi Cross. Chaplin Paul Kinney brought a sense of spiritual back up in relation to questions dealing everything sex to knowing that marriage is not a contract but yet a covenant. We learned that men have just as many questions about sex and relationships as women and communication is the key to every problem and every solution. Andre Carter, Lamar Hill, and D’Vante Black brought the male perspective answering questions and giving advise from their own personal experiences while one being married the other one being newly engaged and the other one being single. T’Marie’, Lakenya Morris, and Chanel Nicole Scott gave the female point of view the experiences of being married and divorced, single and being abstinent for a period of time. While all six panelists brought very diverse opinions to the table, one thing that everyone took away from the entire event was that Men and  Women want the same thing but have different ways of communicating thus the term men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Special thanks to sponsors The Chakalate Factory, Quente’Sential Branding, It’s T’Marie Radio Show, Allure Beauty Bar, Hyatt Midtown and Cheministry

Written by Jaye Casnave


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