Celtics Look to Redeem themselves in Atlanta Tonight

The Boston Celtics (50-28) will look to redeem themselves as they take on the Atlanta Hawks (39-38) tonight.

Last night’s embarrassing 114-91 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers should highly motivate what appeared to be a reeling Celtic team last night.

The popular cliche, though, “things aren’t always what they appear,” actually, very much holds true after the game last night.

When fully motivated, the Cavs have the thought process of a juggernaut. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the

Cavs were able to exhibit pure brilliance against a team that has one true all-star and an MVP candidate player: Isaiah Thomas.

Still, last night Thomas got his, scoring 26 points.

However, it was the others who didn’t show up. Jae Crowder and Al Horford are nice players, and they each scored 13 and 12 points collectively, but they aren’t superstars, which is why they didn’t have better games last night.

Tonight, however, look for those role players to have better games. The numbers say Boston’s bench scored 28 points Lady night, but a lot of those points were in garbage time, especially Kelly Olynyk’s points, as he scored 12 points.

While the Celtics are fighting for the top seed in the East, the Hawks are fighting for a fifth seed.

With an ugly 91-82 loss to the Brooklyn Nets four days ago, the Hawks will be highly motivated considering those two factors.

Look for Tim Hardaway Jr. to have a pretty good game, while Boston’s Thomas will look to continue his marvelous season.

Action starts in Atlanta 8 p.m. on TNT.

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