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Cavs Prove Once More They Are Class of East

It doesn’t matter what happens in the second half, the Cavaliers are the class of the Eastern Conference.

With an assembly of boos every time one LeBron James gets the ball, the Cavs have responded in a dominant fashion as they currently lead 76-54 in the Celtics and Cavs show down, a game that could mean Eastern Conference Ascendancy.

Despite the boos, LeBron has orchestrated the offense beautifully, ensuring everybody touches the rock. And, yes, he has 22 points in the third quarter as we continue to watch.

LeBron will get his, but that isn’t the story, and neither is Isaiah Thomas going off for his 19.

Thomas just doesn’t have enough weapons. Cavs are +14 on rebounds, but, what’s more, they are making the second and third effort on defense.

The big 3 of the Cavs have 46 points in between them, and they have also gotten double-figure points from the bench.

Besides Marcus Smart, nobody on the Celtics have scored off the bench.

In these short three quarters, the Cavs—once again—have proven they are the class of the East, and the only way they will not win the East is if they just decide they don’t want to win it.

ESPN has promoted a nice hype machine—with both teams being 50-27 going for the no. 1 seed—but basketball junkies should know who the best team in the East is, and no, it’s not Boston or Washington.


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