Carlos Watson, Co-Founder of, Talks Media, Entrepreneurship and Diversity in Silicon Valley is a multimedia platform that shares cutting edge stories to 40 Million visitors per month. The Silicon Valley based co-founder and CEO, Carlos Watson, grew tired of reading the same headlines in media and in 2013 started his own path to tell his own stories. Check out our interview with Mr. Watson as he talks the importance of entrepreneurship, diversity in Silicon Valley and more.

Mainstream Media has a way of portraying our community a certain way. When did you know this was your time to display us in a more positive light?

I founded OZY four and half years ago because I looked out on the media landscape and I felt uninspired. It was a regurgitation of the same five headlines over and over, and they were often the most sensational and negative stories. It was amazing to me that with a world full of interesting stories and compelling people and places to explore, we were focused on the same negative headlines. I founded OZY to tell cutting-edge stories.

How important in today’s world is it to embrace entrepreneurship?

One of the reasons I founded OZY in Mountain View, California, rather than in New York City or D.C. or Los Angeles, where most media companies are based, is because in Silicon Valley, anything is possible. People on the West Coast have seen more crazy things happen and believe the impossible is possible. That mentality often fosters creativity and ingenuity and can ultimately produce greatness.

How can Silicon Valley become more diverse?

It will take a mix of forward-looking leaders like Ben Horowitz and Marc Benioff and successful entrepreneurs of color like Stacy Brown-Philpot and Marc Jones. Throw in some serious outside pressure and hopefully we will get some progress.

Carlos Watson