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Card Games Fit for a Gentleman

You may think that games are childish, but certain gaming activities will improve your cognitive performance while bringing you more in tune with others around you. Card games in particular foster vital virtues for a true gentleman. These kinds of games are often seen as being for white men, viewed as a hobby of the upper classes. However, learning the classics will benefit you as a member of the black community. You will need quick reflexes, logical thinking, creativity, and the ability to read the body language of other players. Turn off all technology and instead place a card table in your man cave. Paired with a glass of whiskey, an expensive cigar, or whatever your manly vice happens to be, nothing beats a late night card game. If you are inexperienced with a deck of cards, here are a few tried and trusted classics to add to your repertoire. 

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Everyone has heard of Poker, but few know the rules or how to play it well. In its current form, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker originated in Robstown Texas, this has been a quintessential part of African American culture for over a hundred years. It is an endurance game, testing your ability to keep track of multiple things at once and carefully calculating how to make the right move at the right time. In an earlier form, this card game dates back to the hobby of a 10th century Chinese emperor, but it has been carefully curated into the perfect game over hundreds of years. Despite its Asian origin, African Americans are well placed to get involved and take advantage of the skills that can be learned. Be prepared to lose a lot in the beginning, but over time you will learn the skills needed to start winning at this intense and beautiful card game.

Black Jack

There could hardly be a simpler game than Black Jack. Everyone knows how to play, but the skills required are significantly more complicated than you might imagine. Having to remember which cards have been played and which haven’t will boost your memory. Ultimately, though, this is a test of your bottle. Being of African American descent often requires taking large risks to succeed in the competitive US job market. Do you have the courage to place large bets on the turn of a single card?

Gin Rummy

Also dating back to an earlier Chinese version, Gin Rummy has become highly popular among African American card enthusiasts. The rules are easier to get your head around than Poker, which partly explains why it has such a wide appeal among all communities. The principles are the same, however, and you will have to be a good judge of character to out-bluff your opponents. Gin Rummy has associations with American mobsters, which is a testament to its capacity to transcend social classes and ethnic backgrounds. Though you shouldn’t get involved in the criminal side of their activities, there is much to be learned in gentlemanly conduct of the Italian American Mafia


A real African American gentleman is confident enough to be comfortable in his own company. If you require mental stimulation, then it can be easy to turn to social media, which can contribute to negative thought patterns. Instead, be willing to be completely alone and play a card game against yourself. There is no better solo card game than Solitaire. If you can overcome challenges in isolation, then you will be better equipped when they crop up in social situations.

Card games aren’t just for entertaining children at family Christmas. A true gentleman should be comfortable engaging in this thoughtful and challenging activity. which will build up the vital skills required to succeed as an African American man in modern society.

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i you
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