Can IAmStylez Music Be This Generations Version of Sean Paul?

I recently heard a song called “Tic Likkle” from a Reggae artist by the name of IamStylez. I was doing some research on a BMW 6 Series and came across the song on my recommendations list on Youtube. The thumbnail was appealing, so I figured I would give it a shot. Within the first 30 seconds of the video, I knew I was witnessing something special. I was filled with emotional nostalgia; reminded of one of my favorite dancehall artist of the late 2000s, Sean Paul and his song “Get Busy.”

Sean Paul grabbed the mainstream by storm in 2002 with his second album titled Dutty Rock. “Get Busy” was the second single off the album, and the most useful in establishing his brand (In my opinion). The minute I saw the video, I knew Sean Paul would be a major player in the dancehall scene. The video was fun and relatable to anyone who has ever been to a dancehall house party. Sean Paul went on to have significant success selling over 6 million records. In 2004, He won a Grammy for Reggae album of the year and his single “Get Busy” was nominated for Best Rap Song. Sean Paul is still a global brand, although his prominence in the States has subsided somewhat. All in all, He has had a legendary career thus far. Which brings me to IamStylezMusic!

Similar to Sean Paul, IamStylezMusic has a youthful swag when performing to his music videos. Combined with good looks and a strong sense of fashion, it’s apparent that IamStylezMusic has a propensity to deliver amazing content. The music video for “Tic Likkle” is performed superbly with close attention to detail. Similar to “Get Busy” you get the feeling that you are witnessing something worth your time. The song itself is edgy, and the lyrics are clever yet fun and catchy. IamStylezMusic has a commanding voice that works as its own Riddim; keeping you glued to the experience.

I wanted to see if he was simply a burgeoning one-hit wonder that just has not been discovered as yet, so I did a bit of research. I found two other singles by the Kingston-born Deejay. The first is called “Wrong Energy, ” and the video featured what seemed to be troubled tatted Latina model. Although the music video was darker in tone than I usually prefer in my dancehall music, I quickly realize IamStylezMusic was for real. The second song called “It’s a Pity” featured a fantastic music video with a futuristic backdrop of what looks to be a desert on the planet Mars. At a second glance, I realize it was similar to the location of the “Tic Likkle” video. The concept for the song is outstanding. He addresses issues of trust and staying true by keeping to self as he traverses through life. The cool thing about the video to “It’s a Pity”; it is a continuation into “Tic Likkle.” Overall I came away from the IamStylezMusic experience excited about Dancehall music again.

Sean Paul was able to galvanize the mainstream with his hit songs for years. Listening to IamStylezMusic, I am confident it will not be long before he galvanizes the entire globe of millennial Reggae Dancehall fans. From my humble perspective, IamStylezMusic has the full package; from his strong sense of style and charisma to his great lyrics and excellent delivery.

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