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Cadillac Kicks Off New York Fashion Week With Mens Day Spring Summer 2017 Presentations at Industria

Men Day 1

New York Mens Day (NYMD) kicked off with a bang in the presence of amazing emerging menswear brands at Greenwhich Village’s Industria Superstudio – presented by Cadillac and produced by Agency PR this past Monday, July 11th.

6 brands, both established and emerging, including Maiden Noir, Max’n Chester, David Naman, Kramer & Stroutd, among many others were given their own studio space each, designed to represent individual concepts for its spring/summer 2017 collections over a 2 hour time frame. With representatives like Sabir Peele of Men’s Style Pro, and Jerris Madison of Alleles Design Studio in attendance, the anticipation and pressure was on as intensely exciting energy embraced all 6 rooms. Spectators gasped and awed at the many concepts ranging from beach vibes to deep dark energy as they were taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions while going from room to room in utter enchantment. The energy was undeniably electrifying.

Men Day 2

Brands CHAPTER and Kramer& Stoutd without a doubt maintained lasting impression of a wide portion of some 100+ guests with their SS17concepts. Both studios maintained a full crowd throughout the 2 hour presentations. Titled Discord, Chapter’s 18 look presentation balanced harsh lines with soft details and prints. Stylists Richie Davis and Chanelle Delgadillo paired its slightly wider leg pant with structured tops-delivering us with an almost 90’s vibe. Creative director Devin Carlson took a minimal approach, yet evoked heavy emotion with deep dark hues, dramatic blue lighting, and my personal favorite touch- live classical music. Easy to see just why Chapter, in studio room 4, maintained the captivating of its spectators.

Men Day 3

Kramer & Stoudt took an entirely different approach with its very earthy, almost 70’s themed concept for its SS17 collection bringing a very relaxed yet illuminating energy to its presentation in studio 1. Every model wore flip flops to complete their looks, which included hot pink afros, bohemian style braids, pajama style stripes, and straw hats. Whether the debate was tacky vs refreshing, the name Kramer & Stoutd continued to be the talk of the afternoon, keeping studio 1 packed from mixes of awe, general curiosity, and in some cases, anguish.

Men Day 4

Additional brands such as Private Policy, David Hart NYC, Plac USA, Robert James and the very highly anticipated Uri Minkoff will also be guest participants at the Industria Superstudio location, which never fails to provide competitive space for creatives all year round!


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