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Building an Empire, the PRSVR Way

It’s always been said that behind every strong black man is a strong black woman. Deciding to not only walk side by side in holy matrimony, Brandon Williamson and his wife Margaret also decided to walk side by side building brands and empires. Over the past few years, they have been building the PRSVR brand and cultivating the lifestyle to accompany it. They took a moment to share some of their journey with us and bring us into the PRSVR lifestyle. 

What is Persevere Lifestyle? 

Persevere Lifestyle is the way we live the PRSVR brand. PRSVR, which is an abbreviated way to spell persevere, and is the brand name of our collection of outerwear, footwear and travel wear. The products my wife and I create are born from living a life in the city, with long days and lots of spotlights… the Persevere Lifestyle.

Brandon and Margaret, what made you two decide to not only commit to each other in life but in business as well? 

We had a very shared vision from the start. We sort of met each other at a unique time where we had both launched entrepreneurial projects, so we had more time to spend together. As we learned more about the other’s past and dreams, we subconsciously knew that our best chance at success was locked in the strengths of the other. I could create the right product, and she could create a business around it. We crafted an agreed notion that marriage has similar patterns to business, so we put our heads down and said “Amen”.

When you landed your first celebrity client, what were the thoughts and feelings that went through your head? How was that conversation between you two? 

We realized that it was serious and that we had to get our affairs in order. We weren’t even targeting them, but we have a saying passed down from Margaret’s dad, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity,” and it keeps us ready. 

When those early calls came through, it was a sure sign of progression. But the conversation was like, “Oh my goodness, did you see that?!!!” The feeling never gets old… that our brand was one that everyone needed to know about.

When you hear the term “power couple,” what does that mean to you? 

There is a lot of pressure being placed on people with that title. I don’t hear any permanence in the term ‘power couple,’ but I like it as an aspiration for people, as success is certainly something better achieved and enjoyed with a partner. Margaret and I have committed for the duration of our lives, and that makes us true partners… in love, in parenting, in business. Our power comes from each other.

How do you feel fashion has influenced you? Your relationship? Black culture? 

Fashion has taught us a lot in learning how to be heard. It has been an amazing tool for us to use creatively to compete and be willing to push to stay fresh and current. PRSVR designs are meant to highlight YOU, and show your connection to your crew, whether that’s your wife, your kids, your friend, or your backup singers.

What individual characteristics does each of you feel like you contribute to the brand? 

I’m a doer, and Margaret is a thinker. Not to say that we don’t switch roles, or both have to pull double duty, but that’s how we’ve finally decided to view it. We try to complement rather than supplement each other. That distinction made it a much less competitive environment for two type-A overachievers. 

Brandon, what do you feel makes you a Quintessential Gentleman?

I ran through a bunch of different answers in my head, but after actually looking up the definition quintessential, I landed on this: I strive every day to do only what God’s calling me to do, and in doing that, I am the quintessential man.

Where do you guys see the PRSVR brand going?

Into your closet. Simply, but truthfully. We are set to become America’s hero brand. A brand that talks to the style, grit, and flash of today’s generation of doers. 

What is the best advice you would give to couples looking to also partner in business?

As much as things are connected, they must be separate. A work disagreement shouldn’t affect you guys at home. Complain to your spouse about your jerky boss, even if she is the jerky boss. It’s easy to feel the desire to have an external release, but it’s best to find that release at home. You’ll get to know each other better,  and people don’t forget what you told them.

Check out the Fall 2019 Style Issue of The Quintessential Gentleman.


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