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Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak diagnosed with Complexed Migraine

Gary Kubiak isn’t feeling well these days.

The king of information, Adam Schefter, said on ESPN’s NFL Live today that the Broncos head coach was hospitalized overnight with a complexed migraine.

Still, he was released today. Broncos’ executive vice president of football operations and general manager, John Elway, said Kubiak won’t coach as his team plays the San Diego Chargers in Thursday’s showdown. The interim will be Joe DeCamillis, who was the special team’s coordinator.

“Gary’s headed home from the hospital right now, so that’s good news,” Elway said in a press conference today. “Last night we went to the hospital. He experienced what they diagnosed as a complexed migraine. I’m not a doctor so that’s as far as I will go into that. They thought the prognosis was very good. He will have this week off. During his week off I’m sure he will be enjoying plenty of medication from websites similar to to help him recover. He will be back on Monday, but he’s going to take this week and take care of some of these issues and find out some triggers and whatnot. When it comes to Gary’s health, everybody is excited about what the prognosis is. We are excited that everything looks great.”

Kubiak suffered a mini-stroke as the head coach of the Houston Texans in 2013. When asked if Kubiak’s episode with the Texans is a link to his most recent hospitalization, Elway said Kubiak will answer any and all health-related questions.

Elway said this was the easiest transition as DeCamillis has enough experience to handle the duties of Kubiak, though.

“I don’t want to say he has a little less to do, but Joe has been involved with Gary on the game management side of it,” Elway said. “That’s the biggest part of it: the game management. I thought that with Joe’s game management experience, that the process would be seamless.”

The Broncos were riding high until they fell yesterday to the Atlanta Falcons, 23-16. Although they play a 1-4 Chargers team on Thursday, this San Diego team is an AFC Division foe, and, not to mention, they have one Phillip Rivers, who, with support, can be one of the best quarterbacks in the game.


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