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Bridgewater Snaps Left Knee, Completely Tears ACL and Dislocates Knee

An up and coming quarterback’s season has likely come to an end.

According to ESPN’s Ben Goessling, Minnesota Viking’s quarterback Teddy Bridgewater injured his left knee in a noncontact injury today in practice.

Apparently, Bridgwater dropped back for a pass, and planted his left knee before his leg gave out.

According to reports, his leg snapped as teammates were flabbergasted over the situation.

Mike Zimmer, the Viking’s head coach, immediately called off practice. And, after assessing the situation, he said the young quarterback’s chances of coming back this season “doesn’t look good.”

Bridgewater was taken away in an ambulance.

This is a huge loss for the Vikings as the team was on ascension. Last year, the team made it to the playoffs with Bridgwater at the helm, and, of course Adrian Peterson, who is widely considered the best back in the game.

Bridgewater, who was drafted in 2014, racked up 28 touchdowns, 6,150 passing yards and a 64 percent completion percentage in his Viking career. In three years with Louisville, he amassed 9,817 yards, 72 touchdowns, a 68.4 completion percentage and 157.2 passer rating.

The highly coveted Bridgewater won many awards, including Big East Rookie of Year in 2011, Big East Offensive Player of the Year in 2012, and the MVP in the 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl for his 35-of-42 passes for 447 yards and three touchdowns.


According to the Minnesota Vikings, Bridgewater suffered a complete tear of his ACL and dislocated his left knee.

He will have surgery in the next few days.


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