BREAUX Capital is Leading Black Men to Financial Wellness

BREAUX Capital (pronounced “bro”) was created with lack of connect, lack of trust, and lack of organization in mind.  The founders realized a space needed to be filled and they had the brains, tenacity, and grind to do it. They thought of an important way to help our black community not only financially, but intellectually, culturally, and socially.  If you were to search organizations specifically for black men, almost nothing would come up, so a change was necessary and this brand is timely.

Ras Asan and Derrius Quarles initially went full speed ahead, fresh out of undergrad building a company that would lower the cost of college education for the masses.  Later, they hooked up with Brian Williams and launched this masterwork.  The Quintessential Gentleman linked up with one of the founders to discuss the purpose and the impact.

Ras describes the business as, “The world’s first cooperatively owned operated financial technology and services company specifically designed with black Millennials in mind.”  In this day and age, it’s even more important to be educated and always be on top of your finances and opportunities surrounding your success and advancement. The founders of BREAUX Capital had that very aspect already configured from the beginning.  The fellas knew almost five years ago, now in Kentucky, that this network would be essential to gaining capital. This group of HBCU grads is bridging the gap for our black lives. The slogan, “Build Yourself a Better Financial Future. Today.” are the first words you see when you enter the well-orchestrated website, or shall we say resource to your next chapter.

First thing’s first, Ras makes it clear, “We are not a money manager, we are not an asset manager, we are not a bank by any means and that’s why the cooperatively-owned and operated piece is really important.”  With BREAUX Capital you can count on automated savings, an accountability partner, collective investment opportunities, a like-minded community, equity ownership opportunity, and the biggest part, it’s black-owned.  All these incentives come with BREAUX Capital versus everybody else. Choose, but choose wisely. Your money is important to you, and the people you care for, but also important to BREAUX Capital. It’s up to you.

The bottom line is your financial health effects you, but also your family too.  Ras says, “Specifically for black men, it’s a thing where we want to be a better support for our women, we want to be better husbands, we want to be better brothers, we want to be better fathers, we want to be better sons; and in order to do that, being frank, we gotta get our shit together.”  If we want our children to have better lives, it starts today. This was founded for the purpose of creating wealth.

Breaux Capital

Believe it or not, BREAUX Capital was inspired by black women and the platforms that empower those women to build that same wealth and culture creation.  These three prestigious men of color pride themselves on being the only place for black males to invest their money, build their community, and create opportunities as one.  They effortlessly combine software and community, which you can call social banking.

You ask, what is financial wellness or how can black millennials become educated; Ras gives t