Brian Jordan Jr. of BET’s "Sistas" Talks Aspirations, Roots and the Hopeful Journey to Broadway

In this interview, all I could think about is the head this man has on his shoulders. When you talk about someone who is inspirational, real, funny and dedicated, you are speaking of Brian Jordan Jr. The breakthrough and hilarious star spoke about his journey from rural Louisiana to the TV screen with Tyler Perry. Jordan has plans to prosper and be a voice for the promising future and plans of slowing down is not in the view at all.

How has your role on the BET show Sistas shape your career and goals as an actor?

Being a part of Sistas has been a complete honor and pleasure. I remember when I first learned that Tyler Perry inked a deal with Viacom. I was so excited for him and all I could do was imagine how Black things would be when he put a show on BET (laughs). I didn’t imagine in a million years that I would be a star on this mutual conglomerate of blackness. There is something to be said about this show, this creator, and this network at this time in America, and I am glad to be a part of saying it.

While I grow each day as an actor and as an artist at large, I know that in my journey with playing Maurice, I’ve been afforded the pleasure of helping a very specific and important group of people feel seen on TV. It’s important to me, that when I create art, I can touch the hearts, the minds and souls of as many people as possible. Maurice represents so much of a forgotten demographic in America. He represents Gay, Black, Fullness, Laughter, and Love. The genetic make-up of Maurice Webb and I believe the challenges that come with creating such an important illustration will help me with any character I get the privilege of creating.

Describe working with Tyler Perry. Is it what you thought it would be? What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from him?

There are no words to describe working with Tyler Perry. But If I had to use an analogy, I’d say imagine working with a director, producer, writer, set decorator, actor, low-key singer, coach, MADEA (laughs), I could keep going all day. Tyler Perry’s name holds weight, and it’s because he holds all the weight on his shoulders. We work very hard at a very fast pace and with a lot of moving parts. It is totally something I could’ve never even imagined because prior to this I wouldn’t believe that the amount of work we do is possible. The greatest lesson I’ve learned from Mr. P is something that he never even had to say. I believe in example, and I’ve watched him succe