The Blackest Bus in America is Driving through the Country Yelling Black Voters Matter

The presidential election is less than a year away and we recently had local elections. It has always been important for people to exercise their right to vote but now more than ever it’s necessary for people to truly understand the reason why they should be voting. If seeing all the messages through the media is not enough, maybe a “black bus” will do the trick. We recently spoke with co-founder and executive director of Black Voters Matter, Cliff Albright, about the black vote in 2020, what men of color around the country are concerned with and the “blackest bus in America.”

What is the Black Voters Matters Fund? 

The Black Voters Matter Fund is a 501 C4 organization, which was created a couple of years ago right before the Alabama Senate race between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. Fundamentally, we are a power building organization, not a voting organization or just an electoral organization. We believe in building power in black communities rooted in southern states, but not exclusively in southern states. The way that we do that is by partnering with local groups and starting with the premise that black-led organizing infrastructure exists in every state that we go to even deeply red southern states. Then we travel around to cities, towns, and counties, and often to places that a lot of other folks don’t go to or know exist. We find who’s doing go