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Atlanta’s Black Owned Spirits Expo Brings Greatness to Black Businesses

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Atlanta’s Black Owned Spirits Expo (B.O.S.E) and I must say I was truly impressed. Originally, I saw a post on social media about the event, decided to inquire and was extremely excited after viewing the website, speaking with the team and seeing all of the social media advertising.

Upon entering the building I was happy to be there but didn’t know what to expect. I walked around what I thought was the entire space and chatted with vendors, but didn’t see many black-owned spirits. I decided to explore more and walked out the back where I saw food vendors preparing the most fragrant food. I continued to walk and came across another entrance, which ended up being the room where connections truly were made that night. There were liquor vendors, a VIP room, music and a building full of beautiful back people.

Networking is what I do and it was most certainly what I did throughout that evening. I was excited to meet and sample tastes from brands such as Wildcreek Distillery Moonshine, Sangar Rum, The Red Lady Punch, Bomade and so many more. Having the opportunity to see brands that were started by people who looked like me, was inspiring. Having the opportunity to speak with them directly, while building that relationship, was also inspiring. Not only were there black-owned spirits, but there were also cigars, chefs, desserts, candles, fragrances and anything else you could think of. A night like this continued to prove, we are great and when we come together we can accomplish amazing things.

Thanks to B.O.S.E. for the invite and we look forward to continued support. Look out for interviews with the owners of some of the brands we met at the Expo. To learn more visit B.O.S.E online.

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