Everything You Need to Know About Black-Owned Spirits at This Atlanta Expo

Atlanta is well known as the home of the Black Entrepreneur. Over the past few decades, many brands and events have been birthed from this city. The newest brand and event is The 2020 Black-Owned Spirits Expo (B.O.S.E) taking place on January 18, 2020. The Black-Owned Spirits Expo was created by husband and wife team Scott and Tiffany Richardson in early 2019. After being in the beverage industry for over 6 years, the Richardson’s noticed there was a lack of knowledge about black-owned spirits in the southeast and decided to change that by bringing the different brands together.

“Our goal is to replace the libations that you are used to with high-quality black-owned products that you may not know exist. This unique experience will turn the social drinker into a black cocktail connoisseur,” said Tiffany Richardson.