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Black Mental Health Matters: Episode 6

In this episode of Black Mental Health Matters, we discuss the importance of protecting our young Black Queens. Our guest Jaynay Johnson discusses her approach to psychotherapy with teens and particularly women of color. Jaynay also gets into the effects that urban culture might be having on our young people.

Check out the latest episode of Black Mental Health Matters below.

About Black Mental Health Matters

The BMHM (Black Mental Health Matters) web series is an attempt to bring people of color together in an effort to de-stigmatize the mental health issues surrounding the African-American community. These episodes were created by Leon Burns who was inspired to take on this venture after learning about several mental illnesses that had touched my close friends and family. This led him to believe that there was an incredibly serious issue that would never be brought to life. As a culture, we as African-American seldom disclose the issues that we’ve overcome after years of being accustomed to a socioeconomic disadvantage.


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