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Yoga Practitioner Teaches Black Men and Boys The Importance of Emotional Wellness with “Broga"

In the current racial climate and society at large, it’s essential to experience a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood in an environment that offers peaceful rejuvenation. It’s freeing for young men to have a haven where they can feel comfortable and be themselves. A licensed yoga practitioner named Sherri Doucette does just that by teaching classes for Black men and boys in Dallas, Texas. 

Her late husband, Baba Groden, inspired her to create classes that would teach Black men about eating healthily, practicing yoga and meditation. Despite her husband’s unfortunate passing due to cancer, she has still fulfilled his vision through “Broga” which is “yoga for brothers.”   


Her objective is to assist participants in leading physically and emotionally healthy lives. Doucette’s yoga classes are sponsored by her nonprofit organization, Litehouse Wellness, which seeks to empower African American families and communities through helping black men overcome daily stress or past trauma.

Doucette and many other black yoga instructors are partnering alongside Changa Bell, who is the founder of the Black Male Yoga Initiative. Through a team effort, they are providing yoga classes specifically for Black men and boys. Doucette’s donation funded classes take place at the Pan African Connection in South Dallas every Thursday night. Through class participation, she hopes that her students will gain a healthy life balance and leave with a new perspective of why being proactive about their health is important.

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