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Black History Month: Because of August Wilson, I can

This Black History Month, The Quintessential Gentleman salutes our pioneers for their extraordinary works that ignited the torch for modern-day thrivers to walk proudly in their paths. They are our fearless and unapologetically Black thought leaders, innovators, and entertainers who’ve taught us the value of living resiliently in our very own truth. Whether being courageous enough to shock the nation with a simple gesture to effectively articulate a point a view or proving that ownership while controlling the narrative is possible. Because of these things, we can.

Because of August Wilson, I can:

August Wilson, the American playwright, crafted a world where our narrative could be depicted in such a captivating way that accurately speaks of the Black American blue-collared experience. They were the realities of our day to day shared through performance, art and literature. Through stage productions like Fences and The Piano Lessons, Wilson made a way for emerging writers to speak freely about racism, oppression and Black family values. Because of him, Jeremy O. Harris can. Jeremy the 30-year-old phenomena who wrote his way into Yale is blowing minds on broadway with the controversial play, Slave Play. A production that gives praise to Black thoughts through contemporary Black art. Because of August Wilson, Jeremy O. Harris is bringing Black bodies into spaces that we’ve once been ostracized from.


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