Why Black and Brown Men Need to Have a Primary Care Physician

Many millennials, specifically Black and Brown people, tend to not get regular checkups and normally don't have a primary care physician (PCP). Due to the coronavirus outbreak, it's important more than ever to discuss why having a PCP is a necessity. For example, in New York City, hospitals are advising people to steer clear unless it's a true emergency or if you believe you have contracted the coronavirus. If you had a PCP, you would be able to contact them via phone or virtual methods to diagnose your symptoms and severity of your issues.

Recently, we spoke with Dr. Donald R. Henderson on the importance of Black men having a PCP. He states, "we [Black men] have a greater incidence of disease and negative outcomes from disease. Early detection and diagnosis are really important. If you are healthy at age 21, chances are you will be healthy at age 25, but it changes as you get older. And that's why it's important." Having a PCP will help you to "follow the guidelines based upon what should be done in a certain age category in terms of being screened for diseases. In the African American community, hypertension, obesity and diabetes are r