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The “Birds and the Bees” Conversation Just Got Easier

One of the hardest conversations for a man to have in life can come from the famous “Birds and the Bees” talk. It’s that conversation where the lines are drawn between being a boy and becoming a man and for most of us, it isn’t the easiest conversation to have. As the paternal male figure in a boy's life, what do you say to help him truly understand the changes he is going through? And as a young lad, how does one even vocalize the issues you are facing with your body? The ageless problem has now been solved with a new book called, Richard and The Boyz: The Puberty Experience by Dr. Nadine Pierre-Louis and 2-time NBA Champion Jason Caffey. This easy read book tackles every issue that the male race faces when experiencing puberty, there is no better way to initiate one of the most important talks of your life.

In this book, we look at the lives of Preeb and Pube who are 9 and 12 years old. As they face the many battles of puberty, Dr. David Richard breaks down their struggles in the best way known to man. Hitting key points like testosterone, voice changing, and yes wet dreams. Through Dr. Richards, Dr. Nadine Pierre-Louis simplifies and normalizes the mental, physical, emotional, and social issues that come with puberty without any awkwardness that is transferred in oral conversation. You don’t need to worry about explaining the difference between sperm and urine, or even masturbation. NBA Star Jason Caffey’s intent is to create a world where real men talk. “It is my goal to encourage you to better understand what is happening as you become young men. I want to help you find a sound basis for making decisions, which will impact you emotionally and physically for years to come” said Caffey.

Richard and the Boyz: The Puberty Experience allows men to communicate not only effectively but with the right knowledge and mindset needed to handle the beginning adversities of life. It is an aide to the society we live in today where we see millions of children raised in single-parent homes and being taught about the human body from the boys’ locker room. Picking up a copy of this book will get set the upcoming generation of men in the right track in the beginning stages of manhood.


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