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Big Tigger hosts Oxygen’s ATL’S “Like A Boss” Meet and Greet

Last Night, Oxygen held a private Meet and Greet hosted by Big Tigger (Radio Host/Like a Boss Cast) and a few of the cast memebers from the show Executive produced by Nick Cannon. Guests got the chance to meet contestants Amber Grimes, Rian Parish, Drekia Glenn and “Boss” Blair Myers. They all shared their experiences throughout the taping process and realizing it takes so much more than the glitz and glamour to be a boss. While enjoying the evening, guest got the chance to enjoy specialty “Like a Boss” Cocktails and bites prepared by Studio No.7.

About Like a BossOxygen Media takes an inside look at what it takes to BE the assistant to some of the biggest power players in Atlanta with its new docu-series “Like A Boss,” airing Tuesday, March 29, at 9/8c. Executive produced by entertainer and businessman Nick Cannon, the series follows four hardworking and motivated assistants as they look to emulate the success of their respective bosses, but know that it in order to get to the top, they must start at the bottom. Featuring AmBEr Grimes, assistant to media mogul Nick Cannon;Devin Simpson assistant to successful real estate agent Blair MyersRian Parish, assistant to popular radio personality Big Tigger; and Drekia Glenn, assistant to music executive Abou “Bu” Thiam, these protégés are out to prove they have the drive, focus and ambition to be a future CEO. Talent can only take this group so far, however, as they struggle to balance their personal and professional lives with the tempting Atlanta social scene surrounding them. From cleaning cars to house hunting and everything in between, these up-and-comers know they are one wrong coffee order away from a pink slip. #LikeABoss

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