Beverly Hills Super Real Estate Agent, Aaron Kirman

Our guest this week is perfect for anybody who wants to learn more about the ins and outs of real estate. Maybe you’ve just gone to a Forest Hill Real Estate Brokerage for help finding your dream home, maybe you want to go into the real estate business, or maybe you want to sell your house. Either way, this interview will help all of you.

Aaron Kirman, President of Aaroe Estates for John Aaroe Group, just set the bar to a historic high, with the sale of the iconic Danny Thomas Estate in the exclusive Trousdale Estates enclave in Beverly Hills. The sale marks the second highest sale for a residential property in Beverly Hills’ history, at $65 Million US. We had the opportunity to speak with Beverly Hills super real estate agent as he talks real estate investment, selling internationally and paving your own lane.

How did you become interested in real estate?

When I was a kid, I would have my parents drive me around the neighborhoods so that I could go to open houses. I loved being around the excitement that surrounded the buying and selling of homes and the energy and passion that were always so visible. I remember that I would pretend to be an agent and visualize how the people would react to my sales pitch. It was always something that seemed so intuitive to me, and something that I knew I was born to do. From there, my passion quickly evolved into a deep appreciation for the art and architecture of beautiful homes.

Would you say real estate is the number one long-term investment any one person should look into obtaining for future funding of their retirement? Why?

I would say that the real estate market in Los Angeles is clearly one of if not the strongest in the world right now. We are seeing record highs in 2016 and 2017 with numerous sales over 40 and 50 million. I would say that real estate has always been one of the strongest investments that anyone can make, but it is a tricky game that requires years of experience and skill. One of the marquee elements of Aaron Kirman Partners and the reason behind putting it together was the idea that I wanted to bring together the most diverse team of agents and brokers. We are able to provide unparalleled investment knowledge, as well as specific regional insight that ensures our clients end up in homes that are the perfect fit for their needs and wants.

What market would you currently say that we are in? Do you feel it’s a buyers market or a sellers market?

We are absolutely in a sellers’ market. We have seen the highest prices and some of the least inventory, which drives prices higher and higher every day.