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Bevel Introduces Bevel Mirrors and Releases their First Episode

For most men of color, we tend to let our barbers handle all the hard work when it comes to our facial grooming. When we do step outside the “Black Man’s Country Club” we hurry back when we shave and receive razor bumps. Bevel has marketed themselves as the company that provides grooming products specifically for African Americans with the promise to never receive razor bumps again. The Walker & Company brand not only sells products but educates its customers. Last week, the beauty company released Bevel Mirrors, a documentary series that provides a look into the shaving stories of 10 Bevel users.

The Bevel Mirrors anthem features model Broderick Hunter, actor Michael Oloyede, founder of Walker & Company Tristan Walker among other men. The video shows black men in the mirror talking about the real issues they have faced while shaving. Shaving is a right of passage. “The fact that I’m 33 years old now, and in my entire life I have not seen anyone like me shave—it’s a problem,” Walker tells Adweek. “We wanted to completely fix that problem and include an important group of folks that want to shave with the confidence that they need to go on with their daily lives with a cleanly shaven face, and that really started Bevel Mirrors.”

Check out the first episode featuring Kanyi below.

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