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BET’s Web Series Brooklyn. Blue. Sky. – Interview with Actor Michael Oloyede

BET has been riding the web series wave for some time now. But I can finally say they have landed on a gem with their new digital series. Brooklyn. Blue. Sky. is nothing more than an introspective look at the lives of you and your homeboy or homegirls. This show follows the lives of two dreamers, who became lovers, called it quits and now trying to navigate through life together as business partners. The Quintessential Gentleman had the opportunity to speak with lead actor Michael Oloyede to find out more about his character Blue and his perspective on themes explored within the series.

Briefly, describe your character Blue on the BET Web Series Brooklyn. Blue. Sky.

Blue is a young successful marketing executive with big dreams outside of a comfortable office and a nice salary. Like everyone in their mid-twenties he’s still finding himself and battling with some vices and trying to be the best man, he could possibly be.

Do you share any similar personality traits with him?

It’s funny before acting, like Blue, I used to work in marketing but didn’t really feel fulfilled in the 9-5 hustle. We are similar in that we are straight to the point, no bullshit, delivery of how we feel.

Skylar described Hawthorne as “The Man You Couldn’t Be”, as her love interest what do you believe was missing from your relationship with her?

I think a big key in the difference between Hawthorne’s and Blue’s relationship with Skylar was timing. They were involved with her at different times in their lives under very different and heavy circumstances. Blue was dealing with many demons and the loss of his brother and Hawthorne was dealing with a terminal illness which I feel brought the two closer together in a way Blue and Skylar could never relate.

What would have been your natural reaction to someone saying, that a person is something you couldn’t be to them?

Disappointment is the first reaction and word that comes to mind. I think in life we strive to please, and we strive to be the best we can for those who are close to us and those we love when we fall short. Not only does it hurt the other person but I think it’s a blow to our feelings as well.

Living seems to be the overall theme of season 1, how are you choosing to live? What are some of your 2018 goals?

Living is definitely a theme of season 1. For the most part of this year, I’ve really been focused on being present in the moment and self-care. I’ve realized that if I’m not taking care of myself there’s no way I could help anyone else. So taking a step back and saying “me first” has been a big change in the way I’ve chosen to live this year.

For 2018, I have a bunch of career goals which includes a lot more producing of meaningful and quality content. But really my focus is to stay persistent and diligent in all my pursuits.

Skylar and Blue decided on using Tinder as a concept for the Netflix contest; what’re your thoughts on online dating?

First and foremost, I hate the concept of dating, in this present day at least. So as far as online dating goes, issa no for me. haha

I think for some people it works and that’s great, invite me to the wedding. But for most of our generation, it’s an easy, microwave way of connecting with people. The idea of swiping left and right is problematic, but I’m like 60 years old on the inside so what do I know.

Michael Oloyede

What platform do you think is the best for meeting potential dates?

Wednesday night Bible study…I’m kidding. Honestly, I had tinder for like 4 hours one time just to see what the fuss was about and deleted it because it was just weird to me. Or maybe I’m just too weird for Tinder? I don’t think we have to be all the way old fashion about our approach but some human interaction is nice. But if it’s your thing I would suggest The Bae App, black-owned, and a great platform.

What are 3 tips for sliding into someone’s DMs? lol

Let’s see, the first tip I would say is be funny. It’s already an awkward ass situation, so break the awkwardness with a joke.

Two, be intentional. Get to the point so you’re not wasting each other’s time.

Three, don’t be a creep. Self-explanatory.

Tell us why people should tune into BET to watch the series, especially black men?

People should tune into the series because we tackle issues and topics that we face in our communities every day. The show is a major conversation starter and definitely a perspective shifter.

What can we expect from Blue for season 2?

In season 2, we can expect a lot more growth from Blue, I think after all the juice spilled in season 1, Blue is at a point where he knows and feels like he needs to step up. Of course, we can expect the brash one-liners. But I think most importantly we’ll be able to see our stories reflected on screen in an authentic way.

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Photo Credit: Ron Hill

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