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Best Tips For Wearing A Bow Tie

Before we discuss special pointers regarding bow ties, it is critical that we understand that Dapper Godz bow ties are powerful, innovative and advanced. They should be worn to make a statement, separating yourself from the typical long tie crowd. Dapper Godz bow ties allow the common yet sophisticated modish man the ability to innovate his entire life through fashion by enriching his wardrobe. Dapper Godz bow ties are designed so you can look remarkable.

With that being said, let’s dive right into the five rules of wearing a Dapper Godz Bow Tie.

Number One: Bow ties and pullover sweaters go hand & hand.

With fall in full effect, now is the perfect time to try it out. Perfect for business attire in the office, a day out in the city or a romantic night out.

Number Two: Bow ties and pocket squares are a must at formal events.

The clean and classy look is what I prefer. A suit, button-down shirt and a bow tie that pops. Look for some cool bow ties for sale and make sure you find one that will compliment your outfit and shirt! Add a Dapper Godz lapel pin and you’re in for the night of your life.

Number Three: Your bow tie does not have to match your suit.

Be bold and creative, bow ties are meant to stand out. Complement your look with a neutral color pocket square.

Number Four: Black tie event

Keep it clean, classy and smart. Black suit, black shoes, white shirt, white pocket square and a black silk bow tie.

Number 5: It’s an attitude.

Dapper Godz bow ties will give you the appearance and assertiveness that you have always had but kept concealed. Be great, be confident, but most of all be you! “Stay neat gentlemen”

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Written by Dexter Bryant, Owner of Dapper Godz


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