Best Superhero Slots To Boost Your Bankroll

Over recent years the superhero genre has seen a rapid rise in popularity and game developers have noticed this. They have jumped on the bandwagon after blockbuster movies garnered a massive fan base worldwide and there was no letting that slide. There are currently hundreds of superhero themes available and most of them sport some pretty incredible features that will get those reels spinning in your favor.

Let us take a look at some of the top titles on offer these days at Barbados Bingo and trust me when I say that just because these games are designed featuring cartoon characters and comic book entity, they are in no way a child’s game.

Marvel’s Spiderman Slot

This slot was created and released by Playtech in early 2012, just after the whole blockbuster movie phenomenon and for good reason. Year on year, every time a superhero movie was released it managed to smash records, this obviously made the developers mouth water and they began their journey into the superhero genre.

Spiderman is a 5 reel and 25 payline slot that sports a progressive jackpot. Players can make bets from as little as 0.05 all the way up to 10 per line. The max bet is set at 250 which is required in order to get the full experience.

The game offers players features such as, wild symbols, wild reels, scatter symbols, free spins as well as a venom bonus game that can be triggered by the scatters. The game has an RTP of just 94%.

Captain America Slot

Known as the most patriotic Avenger, The Captain America slot boasts 5 reels and 20 paylines while offering players the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot. Released in October 2013 by the superhero game guru’s Playtech, players can make bets between 5 and 25 per line.

The game has numerous special features which include Super energy free games, power jackpots, extra power jackpots, super power jackpots and ultimate power jackpots. Those are just the jackpots, the game also employs scatters, wilds, and of course those ever popular free spins.

Dark Knight Rises Slot