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Best Slot Games From NetEnt

Online casinos and gambling websites are a fun way to pass the time. With it being as easy as it is to search for something like bandar q online, trying your hand at online gambling has never been easier. If luck is on your side, you can even score some winnings. It can also be something you just do for fun too. When it comes to making a decision about where to spend your gambling budget, it is a good idea to do some research first. For example, reading a Dream Vegas Casino Review can help you to find a website that offers the games you enjoy as well as tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay experience.

Few developers in the online slot world can rival the virtual casino titans NetEnt, they have been pioneers in the industry for over 20 years, consistently producing scintillating examples of gambling based gaming. With many big gaming titles, like the one found when you click this link. Online casinos have a vast variety of games you can play, sometimes even more than what’s on offer in physical casinos. Online gambling also gives players the opportunity to discover new games too. For example, you could play real money baccarat without ever playing before and thoroughly enjoy the game. The NetEnt story begins in Sweden, however, they have become a truly worldwide operation with offices across the globe. No surprise there, NetEnt titles are always indicative of the major strides made in graphics, themes, playability and win-potential amongst other things. You know without even playing that a NetEnt online slot is going to be right on the money, but what are the best titles on offer from the developer?

Scudamore’s Super Stakes

One for the horse racing enthusiasts, Scudamore’s Super Stakes is a video slot that takes inspiration from events like the Grand National. A title straight off the press (released in March 2019), it pays homage to the legendary jockey Peter Scudamore and good lord does it do him justice. NetEnt go for a 5×3 reel configuration alongside the usual 10 pay-lines here, add a more than comfortable RTP of 96.99% and a potential win of 5000x your initial stake and you have yourself a quality example of online slot based entertainment. As always from NetEnt the graphics are stunning and there is a wide variety of bonus rounds to get stuck into.

Temple Of Nudges

Temple Of Nudges uses the tried and tested aesthetic of a forgotten jungle temple, as seen in the popular mobile game Temple Run, as well as films such as Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. But, unlike the game or films NetEnt’s offering gives you the chance to make some cold hard cash… don’t mind if we do. Temple Of Nudges operates across the usual 5×3 reels with 243 betways, additional special features and symbols instantly ramp up the excitement levels here – typical stuff from NetEnt. Of all these it is the nudge feature (that gives the title its name) that has the most promise. It is activated after a winning combination appears on the reels, once this is counted up the nudge moves the reels one symbol down and if this results in another winning combination this is added to your score.

Dead Or Alive

We couldn’t not include the absolutely iconic Dead Or Alive in our summary of the best slot games from NetEnt, that would be ludicrous behaviour. This title sent shockwaves through the online slot community with its superbly composed synthesis of great graphics, marvellous playablity and truly awe-inspiring win potential. It’s a fairly simple slot that enables the gambler to put all their focus into winning, no fancy cut-scenes or features here; it’s all about the jackpot. And what a jackpot it can end up being – the sheer wealth of special symbols and bonus free spin rounds here is astronomical. Dead Or Alive may be set in the Wild West, but the lucrativeness of this slot is more akin to the golden age of capitalism. In other words, it’s massive.


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