What Are The Best Events For A Guys Day Out?

Need some timeout with your best friends but not sure what to do? Is everything else “been there done that”? Here’s a list of suggestions you can toss around for your next man’s day out.

A Concert

If you and your friends are fans of the same music genres, then a concert is an awesome way to blow off some steam. Heated evenings listening to your favorite tunes with a beer in hand is often all one needs to get the adrenaline pumping and spirits high.

A Horse Racing Event

You don’t have to know anything about horse racing to enjoy this type of event. The Kentucky Derby, for example, offers something for everyone. From bettors and horse-lovers to those who simply want to enjoy a unique and thrilling experience, a good old-fashioned horse race is definitely one for the bucket list, you just need to find the tracks for horse racing that are right for you!

The Extreme Beer Fest

With access to over 75 different types of craft beer, the Extreme Beer Fest is the ultimate hangout spot for your average “man’s man”. Here you can indulge in creative brews and good food.

A Comedy Festival

Bonding’s done best over a good belly-aching laugh. Round up the troops and head to a comedy festival (or just a one-night show) near you. Enjoy endless rounds of drinks while you allow yourself to relax and revel in a little laughter.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans