How to Bring the Best of British Design Into Your Closet

When it comes to fashion, there are four main cities to look to, with London being one of the oldest. It is home to some of the most notorious fashion brands and schools in the world, and the classic looks that have come out of Britain have set the standard for men’s fashion since the beginning.

When it comes to vamping up your own personal closet, then you cannot go wrong with looking to British design, and with this guide, you’ll know exactly which pieces to focus on.

The Classic Trench

The classic trench coat is an absolute must. It is so fashionable and so timeless, in fact, that everyone needs one (or more) in their closet. If you are looking to really embody that British timelessness, however, you will want to stick to a neutral color (black, navy, or tan). You will also want to choose a coat from for superior craftsmanship that was designed in London, England.

The Fitted Suit

There is nothing that can beat the power of a fitted suit. Invest in a custom-made suit or take your current line-up to the tailors to get it fitted to your exact measurements. It is the tailoring that takes precedence to the brand name, after all, and will help even those with a modest budget enjoy one of the best British designs in their own wardrobe.

Modern Plaid

There are so many ways you can wear plaid, checks, and houndstooth design in your wardrobe. Invest in a beautiful tweed jacket, choose plaid trousers, or even just opt for a checked scarf. Plaid is a part of British heritage and is a fan favorite amongst British designers.

High Quality Cashmere Sweater

Rock it like James Bond and wear a cashmere sweater over a buttoned-down top for a relaxed, sophisticated look that has been seen on the most stylish men in London. Try to invest in high-quality cashmere for the utmost warmth, comfort, and longevity.

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