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Best Birthday Presents for a Three-year-old

A year or so ago, you probably would have got away with buying a soft toy or two, or maybe some building blocks and cars, but when a child is turning three present selection starts to get serious. By now, your child will know exactly what they like, be it Disney princesses or dinosaurs, and woe betides anyone who gets the wrong gift for that child! If you have just the one child you may not have a past point of reference when it comes to age-appropriate gifts. The same can be said for those that don’t have children of their own but need to buy a gift for a three-year-old. Make sure you get it right by taking a look at this list of the best birthday presents for a three-year-old.


Dollhouses allow children to create and explore their own make-believe domestic settings. You may want to look at some reviews of the best dollhouses at Best For Mums website before purchasing, to find the best-rated houses. You may be asking are they ready for a dollhouse? Again, reviews on Best For Mums will show you the right age range for these toys. Boys and girls will love playing house with cute accessories and this kind of toy can be enjoyed alone and with friends during a playdate. Melissa & Doug have a great range of dollhouses in different styles and colors.


Amazing for helping with a child’s fine motor skills, Play-Doh offers lots of creative fun. This is a gift that can be purchased whatever your budget as small Play-Doh sets can be bought for just a few dollars. You can even buy themed kits for kids such as Play-Doh Kitchen, Dr. Drill N Fill, and Rainbow Dash Style Salon.

Indoor playhouse

A collapsible playhouse is ideal for indoor play and gives a young child their own private space in which to play. Playhouses come in all different shapes and sizes, from castles, palaces, and caves, to gingerbread houses, and character playhouses. There are so many activities that your children can get up to in their indoor playhouse, with pretend play usually being the most popular. They may get their inspiration through ideas that they have found on this kls song on Youtube, or somewhere similar. Not only are some of the videos on the Kids Learning Songs account educational, but they allow for your child’s imagination to run wild. And what could be a better place to do this than in their very own indoor playhouse? If the present is for someone else’s child, make sure you find out their favorite theme and delight them with a gift they will truly appreciate.

Their very first scooter

A scooter is a fantastic precursor to a bicycle and can help your three-year-old with balance and coordination. It is important to purchase a scooter that is safe, and age-appropriate when selecting the best Scooter For 3 Year Old Kids, so be sure to do your research before your purchase one.


Three-year-olds love books! Buy them an interactive, or sensory book which they can treasure as their new bedtime storybook. If you can stretch your budget a little farther, opt for a collection of books by a favorite children’s author, or about their favorite television character.

Jigsaw puzzles

This is the age children really get to grips with puzzles and they can spend hours enjoying piecing puzzles together, either with your help, or alone. Jigsaws are a traditional gift that will never go out of fashion and are also extremely affordable.

Bath crayons

Make bath time even more fun with some colorful bath crayons. These drawing tools can be used to decorate bathroom tiles, and the bath itself, and are easily wiped off once bath time is over.


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