Become a Faux-Brewmaster Just in Time for National Beer Day

Cheers! April 7th is National Beer Day, and we’re all for maximizing a beer-drinking experience. Not everyone can be a brewmaster, but just about anyone can become the next best thing – a faux-brewmaster.

Faux-brewmasters are beer enthusiasts with a talent for crafting and preparing unique beer drinks. They like to innovate and experiment for the sole purpose of mixing it up a bit (pun intended) and adding variety to get-togethers with friends and brews.

This trend is not surprising considering that today’s beer drinkers are keener than ever and have an appetite for new flavors, interesting beverages, a sense of adventure and place a high value on the experience of it all.

Here’s how to tap into your inner-brewer. It’s all about knowing the basics and ex ”beer”imenting.