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Become a Faux-Brewmaster Just in Time for National Beer Day

Cheers! April 7th is National Beer Day, and we’re all for maximizing a beer-drinking experience. Not everyone can be a brewmaster, but just about anyone can become the next best thing – a faux-brewmaster.

Faux-brewmasters are beer enthusiasts with a talent for crafting and preparing unique beer drinks. They like to innovate and experiment for the sole purpose of mixing it up a bit (pun intended) and adding variety to get-togethers with friends and brews.

This trend is not surprising considering that today’s beer drinkers are keener than ever and have an appetite for new flavors, interesting beverages, a sense of adventure and place a high value on the experience of it all.

Here’s how to tap into your inner-brewer. It’s all about knowing the basics and ex ”beer”imenting.

Let’s start with the basics.

  1. Beer should be enjoyed from a glass. Bottles and cans choke off the aroma which can significantly impact the flavor.

  2. Serve beer at the right temperature. Most beers aren’t at their best served ice cold or in frosted mugs. The freezing temperate cause foam, affect the carbonation and stifle the aroma.

  3. Slow down and savor. Craft beers provide a full sensory experience so slow down and enjoy each one. How does it look, how does it smell, how does it feel, and finally: how does it taste?

Then have some fun and experiment.

  1. An easy, fascinating, and brand new option for experimentation is the 1571F Beer Caramelizer. If you enjoy hanging by a campfire, then you’ll love this. Consider it the alcohol version of roasting marshmallows. After heating the Beer Caramelizer tip in the fire, dip it into your beer for just a few seconds. The flash heat from the rod causes the sugars in the alcohol to transform (or “caramelize”) which creates a smoother, richer flavor.

  2. Step it up another level with favorite culinary add-ins. Simply add a few slices of citrus fruit (lemon, lime, orange), berries, a pinch of salt, a dash of bitters, mint or basil leaves, or even cucumbers to bring out and enhance the beer’s flavor.

  3. Finally, broaden your skills to include crafting delicious beer cocktails such as the very attractive – Black and Tan, the European favorite – Lemon Shanty or recently popularized – Beerita.

Written by: Kim Nimsgern, Founder,

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